Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Reading Challenge Review

Just thought I would check in and share where I am at with my Fall Reading List. I think I have done pretty good. :) It has been fun having books laying around. I have always loved reading, but with young kids my reading time was pretty much limited to magazine articles. You know, things that could be short and sweet. There are different kind of readers in this world and I happen to fall into the group that has a hard time putting a good book down. That is especially true once I pass the 3/4 mark. ;o) Yeah, I can't help myself. I've been known to make a meal with a book in my hand. Of course, it wasn't a gourmet meal....but it was edible! Now that we are down to just one kid at home, it seems that I have more time to read. I have taken advantage of that and the best thing is it has been encouraging the kid to read more, too. Can't ask for better then that!!

So, anyway, back to what I have read. I have 15 books on my list and I am currently reading #5. Books 6 and 7 are sitting on my dresser waiting for my attention. I did want to share about two of the books. I am keeping track of the books I have read in a list on the right hand side.

If you have read and enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, I would like to recommend her other books. I think they are BETTER then her Shopaholic books. They are not part of a series and each one stands alone. The Undomestic Goddess and Can You Keep a Secret? are fun, light reads that I have enjoyed the past few weeks. In fact, before the Fall Reading Challenge I read another one of her books called, Remember Me. It was really good. You can click on the links to read some reviews.

Currently I am reading Beginnings by Kim Vogel Sawyer and it is NOT even on my list! I just like making things more challenging for myself. hehe


StephF said...

Wow, sounds fun! I love to read too, but I am still in the season where most of my reading involves "schoolwork" of some kind. Or picture books for the little ones. I am enjoying the reading much more as JC is getting older & our conversations are getting "deeper" about our reading. And he is enjoying historical biographies almost as much as me, so that is good! :0)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Ok, I love to read but I have always wondered how you do it. You being anyone who can read more than one book at a time. HOW DO YOU KEEP THE STORY LINES STRAIGHT? I really am curious and envious of this tallent.

Jerralea said...

Hey Tam, just stopping by from Skinny Moms. Had to comment on your reading Kim Vogel Sawyer. She is awesome. I just finished Where the Willows Grow and it is excellent. I've read Beginnings too, so I know you'll enjoy it.


Laura O said...

After almost 2 years of NOT reading for my own pleasure, I started back up as well. The new community we are in has a book club and I joined. Last month's discussion was about Something Borrowed (a quick, fun read with a 'sequel' I read a few weeks later.) This Friday we discuss A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - not a quick read, but intersting. Next month's pick is Life of Pi, a book that I am *trying* to read. It's much slower going and isn't grabbing me like the others - so I'm taking the 'school' approach of reading it regardless of how much I enjoy it.

As for Frizzy and bird's question - I think anyone who can follow more than one show with a story line (whether a soap opera or nighttime drama) can learn to do this with books. I usually have one book the boys and I are listening to in the car and then others that are being read in the house. My bigger problem is if a story really grabs me I want to devour it and set the rest aside :o)