Monday, December 29, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #19: Making A List

Assignment: This week I want to set our minds on setting some goals for next year, whether personal, for the whole family, or for school.

Well, naturally this is the time of the year when our thoughts turn to reflecting on our past year. The fast approaching New Year seems to promise to be a fresh start. A chance to do-over, to make things right, ....a clean slate. Now, we really know it isn't all that, but it's still fun to make some goals of things we would like to accomplish for the New Year. I like to think of goals that require me to develop some habits that I would like to develop. So, I worked on some ideas and here is my list.

In the year 2009, I would like to:

1. on getting to bed earlier!! (this is huge, as my sleeping habits have gotten really out of whack...but I know I will feel and function better if I could turn back my inner clock!)

2. more intentional in relationships. People are very important to me, but 2008 was more of a year of keeping to myself. I think I'm ready to get back to looking outward and will trust in Him as He leads the way.

3. ...develop healthier habits. Not necessarily a goal to lose this many pounds by this date....just more of an all around healthier living style. I am looking forward to this adventure....really, I am!!

4. spend more time in study. I want to study His word more deeply, instead of just a quick reading to check it off my list.

5. start a reading log, of sorts. Mainly, I want to jot down what I read and what I thought about it. I find that I can read a book and then a month later I can't remember it at all...unless I go get the book again and start reading it! So, I think a book log would be a fun way of looking back.

6. find time to finally get my scrapbooks all caught up. This is actually my summer goal!

7. continue working hard with K and really make learning fun for her. I want to encourage her and help her develop into the wonderful young lady that she is becoming.

The list could go on....but I think 7 is a good number. :) I plan to print my list and keep it in a visible spot. Then, maybe, I will revisit the list here in the future and give an update.

Hopefully, everyone working on this assignment has enjoyed making a list of goals! I know that I have!!


~*Mona*~ said...

Beautiful list! Some necessary things and other things for fun, looks really good!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, I agree, eating healthier does get more difficult as things get busier! I am praying our house is completed this year as that alone would take alot out of the schedule!

May God bless you and your goals this year!

Lisa said...

yes, I agree healthier living all the way around. Maybe that is the trick more of a mind set than in diet terms of "can't eat this or that"
thanks for stopping by my blog.

gina said...

Yes, those are some great goals!!

SuperAngel said...

great list! I am sure you can accomplish everything you set out to do!

Thanks for stopping by!
Miss Amanda
The Daily Planet