Monday, December 29, 2008


It all began with a little trip down memory lane....

Oldest son made mention that a fond memory of his was getting Nerf guns on Christmas and having gun fights with his brothers. Dad would usually get one, too. They would spend quite a bit of time hiding, shooting, ducking and mostly laughing. (well...they also squealed like little girls...but, I probably shouldn't mention that!!)

Anyway...grandma heard about her oldest grandchild's memory lane moment and decided that this year she would get all the boys and their sister new nerf guns. Now, K has never had the experience the boys have had....but you will see that she is a quick learner.

First, all the other gifts were opened. All the "ooohhhs: and "aaahhhhs" were said. Thank you's were proclaimed. Pictures were snapped. Gift wrap, bows, ribbons, tissue and bags were picked up (for the most part). Then grandma announced, "Oh, we have one more gift to be opened!" She proceeded to hand the three boys and the one girl their own box. They really had NO clue as to what was about to unfold. However, I did! My camera was ready. Shall we look?

Seriously, can you see the funny in this picture. Look at oldest son's eyes as he looks toward a victim...I Then look at K's eyes as she looks at another brother. Oh yeah...they are sizing each other up, for sure!!

That tranquil moment was quickly dashed, as they tore into the packages to get their guns ready. No words were exchanged...there was no need. Everyone knew what must be done.

Even the newbie felt the intensity of the moment. She didn't have the nerf gun handling experience...but something deep within kicked into drive. She handled it like a pro. (notice the dog is lacking that drive...)

Fully assembled and ready to may notice what was once a full living room is now a lonely place as everyone seems to have scattered.

The battle has begun...

Cameras are aimed and clicking away...while kid #3 is seeking cover. (I even think I heard some girlie squeals that did not all belong to....the girl child!)

For someone new to this.....She held her own and then some.

All the older girls attempted to seek refuge in the worked for the most part.


Proudly Introducing....for their first ever public appearance....



Smoochiefrog said...

That is hilarious! It looks like the scene from our house last Christmas when D & B both received Nerf guns.

And I totally know all about the girly scream that doesn't come from the girl. :)

KymPossible said...

Oh what fun!!! that is a fabulous family tradition. How cool that grandma helped to revive it this year.


Dacia's School said...

Those pics are too cute LOVE THE ANGELS!!!

StephF said...

LOVE IT!!! :-)

Jerralea said...

You did such a good job writing this up! I felt like I was there!

I especially loved the "Charlene's Angels" bit. I've got a pic of my girls doing that same pose a couple years back. I'll have to dig it up.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sherry said...

My son has several Nerf guns and the family has all played with them. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Tammy! I laughed SOOOOOOOO hard at this!!!!! The pictures at the bottom are absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!! You should do a collage and frame it up for your mom for next Christmas!!!!

I am Marcia. said...

That is wonderful, Tammy!!! So hilarious. I *almost* got our 3 boys and my hubby Nerf guns this year! Next year I will for sure.



Sheri said...

Cute Charlene Angel poses! Looks like everyone is rather pleased with thier goodies.

Have a great week ahead!