Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the rainforest project...

Over a year ago, K took a class at the National Zoo. We went weekly for a month and the whole class was on the rainforest. She absolutely loved it!! We met in a classroom and the teacher had them work each week on their big rainforest art project. Then they had circle time and she would go over the lesson for the week. After that, we would hike to a different part of the zoo and look at animals from the rainforest. There were handouts to work on while they observed the animals. All this for an animal loving kid was just about a dream come true. Add in the fact that two friends took the class with her and you just know she was beaming.

Anyway, her project came out way cool and we displayed it proudly in the school room. A few weeks ago, I was working on organizing a bit in there and discovered that the display was getting a little ragged and it was time to let it go. Now, I do happen to have a very level headed child and after taking pictures and gathering all the clay creatures to keep, we did dump the rest. I thought I would share the pictures....because after all, we loved that little project. :)

Here is her little scene right out of the rainforest! The tree even has buttress roots.

This is a better look at Mr. Ocelot.

A rainforest scene isn't complete without snakes!!

Ok..so maybe this bird doesn't exist...but in her rainforest, it did!!

Thanks for checking it out!!!

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