Monday, February 16, 2009

BFS #120- You Deserve A Break Today

Introduction: You Deserve a Break Today (McDonalds) –After all this crazy weather, the economy ups and downs and now a new President for the United States you all do deserve a break today. I want to give everyone a ‘break today’ and have the ANNUAL SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Assignment: I’d like to stick with a theme for the spree though. The marriage bedroom! I’m also being a little selfish on this one because my husband and I are getting ready to demolish our room, my office, and our ‘guest’ room and make ourselves a master suite. I need some great ideas on linen, wall colors, curtains, pictures…anything that would help me to decorate our new room. I do want a soft and sanctuary type theme. Are you willing to help me? Your budget is $1500! I gave you a raise from last year…since the economy is so bad right now…LOL. Make sure you use the banner and code on the right side of this page to show us your assignments!

I read about this assignment last week and haven't found the time to go "shopping". It's been on my mind and then I realized that I could just share our bedroom. So, maybe it's cheating a little...or a lot, but we have recently gone shopping and changed our bedroom. It's not finished, yet....and I am looking to make it more of a sanctuary, too.

Here is the view when you look in the bedroom. We painted our walls....ORANGE!! Yes, that's's orange. It happens to be one of my favorite colors and Mike actually likes it. (mostly!) It's all warm and relaxing in there in the evenings. Our carpet is a medium blue. We bought new furniture and a new bed. I love the metal headboard here. Our bedding is from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's chocolate brown and then I went and got an extra set of blue pillowcases for our extra pillows. Someday, I would like to get some decorated throw pillows. For now, this has to do.

On a frugal note, shop at home before you go buying. This piece of artwork (which I love) had been displaced after a bigger remodeling project. It works perfect in here! Our furniture is the Attic Heirlooms Collection from Broyhill and we purchased it from Black Lion. If you live anywhere on the east coast and you need to purchase furniture, check out the Black Lion! We searched the furniture stores around here and no one could beat their price. They delivered, set it up and we even got the extended warranty and they will come in your home to fix it! :)

A key to making your bedroom a sanctuary is clearing up clutter. This dresser top is getting a little cluttered...but the big frame there is not going to stay there. I am working on getting the photos in it and I plan to hang it on the wall. Looks like I need to go clean a mirror, too!!

Here is a little homemade touch from our daughter. She made this leaf imprint in art and painted it after it dried. I usually keep my lip gloss on it.

Here's another frugal thing. Mike got this lamp as a gift from his company. It works really well with the colors. I was a little jealous about not having the light on my side of the bed, so.....

...I was really excited to find this at a yard sale on my street. It was just a few bucks and definitely fit the budget...and makes reading a whole lot easier!!

Here's one of the areas that is not quite finished. The wall on this side of the room and over our bed. I did get this beautiful candle holder for Christmas, so that is a start. It came from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Don't forget to save your coupons to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Did you know you can use the expired ones and that you can use as many coupons as items that you are purchasing!!


Sheri said...

well my daughter will be jealous cuz she's been asking for an orange room for a long time-but we have to get our room done first and it's going on 5 years of the builder's white cheapy paint in ours-but you know it looks pretty nice and the chocolate bedding warms it all nice and special like. Very nice.

Rebecca said...

Love the pics, Tammy!

I really like the iron work headboard, too!!! Someday... :^)