Monday, February 16, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #25: How Many Loads?


This question was posted at a Large Family Homeschooling fourm, and I thought it would be fun as one of the memoirs.

Question: Watching the Duggars, and other mega families I was astounded at how many loads of washing. Do all large families do 7 loads a day and more, as I was thinking it sounds a little OTT? So share all about your laundry. It’s on very rare occasion that it’s suitable to air dirty laundry. Ha!

I've never had more then 4 kids living at home. Well, actually 5 for a time when my future daughter-in-law lived here....but it doesn't count. Not only did she do her own laundry, she took over and did J's laundry. ;) Anyway, at my peak of having 6 people's laundry, I remember daydreaming of having a REAL laundry ROOM! One with multiple washers and dryers and a big folding table and a bar to hang things. Funny that I only had 4 kids!! I just couldn't imagine having double or triple that amount of laundry. My dream laundry room never came to be and now that I am down to just 4 of us, laundry doesn't seem quite as bad. Son #2 will often do his own laundry which lightens my load. (haha, pun intended)

These days it seems that I do at least one load a day on weekdays and usually no laundry on the weekends. Lately, I have been a little better about doing several loads in one day and taking a break for a few days. I think I like that schedule better....but it isn't the norm around here, yet.

Last year we gave the laundry room a makeover and you can check here to see a bit about it. I noticed that I didn't show the new quote in there and my new, let me share those here.

Mike painted and hung cabinets (which are actually our old kitchen cabinets painted white). One of my favorite things in the laundry room is our new sign up there on the wall. It makes me smile.

We also got a new countertop to go over this base cabinet. The base cabinet is one that we purchased and we purposely chose a smaller base, so that the dog's crate could tuck up under the counter and be out of the way. It works well.

Last, but not least, I finally got a rod to hang wet clothes. This has made a huge improvement on my laundry routine.....and it makes me smile, too!!

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