Friday, February 5, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

The weather predictions keep going up and up. We are well stocked and ready for it to fall. The only thing we are NOT ready least for the power to go out. So, we're holding our breath on that one and praying it stays ON. I'm going to just do a series of updates on here to share with friends and family how we're holding up.

Back Patio 3:00 PM

Notice that there is already some snow on the ground from the last storm earlier this week. Remnants of a large snowman are just beyond the table. We're looking forward to watching that grow! At 3:00, the snow was just starting to come down harder and hadn't quite gotten to the sticking on the roads part. It looks pretty though and everyone in the house feels like a kid all over again.

Yes...we love Blizzards.

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Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Oh! A snow storm. I like these. Power remaining on is a good thing!