Monday, February 8, 2010

I wasn't going to do this....

I decided earlier today that I was going to take a break from snow pictures. I did get quite a few goods ones yesterday when the older kids came over and played out back together...but I put them on my facebook page to share with friends and family and figured my blog needed a snow break.

Then we got news that another 10 inches is on it's way. I thought about it...nah, still going to stay on that snow picture break. Then I looked out my window and suddenly all snow picture bans were off. This is our life right now and it's actually quite monumental for around here. After all, we will need a record of this just to show the grandchildren someday.

So, what sight did I see that changed my mind? Son #2 walked by the window and all I saw were his feet! Yep, that's right. I went over to the window and pulled it up and told him to stand still. I put my camera right on the bottom sill and took a shot....

I had to lean out the window and look up to get a shot of his face.
Notice his hand resting on the roof!

Now, you know I'll have to take more shots if we do get the predicted snow storm.

Consider yourself warned.


Helene said...

Wow!!! That's a whole lotta snow!!!! The more pictures the better...we don't get snow here in our parts so I always enjoy seeing other people's snow pics!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog..hope you'll be back again soon!

Briana said...

WOW and I thought we received a lot of snow!!!

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh wow! Can't believe how much snow you're getting!
Loved your comment on my blog by the way :)

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Wow that crazy! I thought we had a lot of snow. We've got 1 ft of snow here in southern Utah.