Friday, February 5, 2010

Just getting started....

There isn't a whole lot on the ground, but that was actually predicted. They still are calling for the worst of the storm to be overnight....hopefully while we are all tucked safe and sound in our beds with the heat ON.
Can you all tell we've lost power before in the winter? It was no fun....
I still obsess a little (much) about that.
What can I say?
It was three days!!

Son #2 is home from work and even though he only had two miles to go, he said it was a rough two miles. The snow is so wet it packed on the tires and made traction impossible. We're so glad he made it home safe and sound that we cheerfully opened the box of chocolates I picked up today! I knew there was a reason I bought them.

All 4 of us stood around that box at the counter and had a family bonding moment as we carefully picked up the candies and sampled them offering up our personal reviews.

( really, we were just being little piggies and we tore into the chocolate...pretty much inhaling the contents of the box. It sounds better the other way, but HEY, I wasn't buying it either.)

7:00 PM Back Patio

Tree shots...I love snow in trees.

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