Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard update....

The weather man says our area is one of the hardest hit and it's still coming down. There is a heavy band of snow above us right now and they say conditions are deteriorating once again. We enjoyed bagels and lox for breakfast and after a quick clean up around here, I think I'll work on a puzzle with K and then curl up on the couch to finish my book.

Here are a bunch of morning pictures....

K was out early this morning checking it out.

What potential is in this yard for some major snow battles.
Here is an interesting sight out the side window....

This poor guy was just sitting there all hunched over.

While his friend watched from above.

We made some noise to scare him off....because we were all sure if he stayed on the ground where he was there was no way for him to survive the storm.

He very clumsily made it to a tree. Ice is hanging on him and he sure didn't look graceful as he landed there. It's been two hours and they are both in the same spots. In fact, in a very close by tree there is another one. Poor things are just trying to ride out the storm.

Here's the view out the front porch.

The wind is creating some very pretty scenes.

This is out back along the house.

Looking towards our neighbors you can see more of what the winds are doing. Much of the snow is coming down at an angle.'s something to think about....

Is it any wonder why the dog stops dead in his tracks when you open the door for him?

This was the path that was dug out earlier for him. Doesn't really look all that inviting now, does it?

Now, I'm off to play with the family....INSIDE.
If you are in the area....stay safe and warm!!

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jackie g said...

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! You really got hit hard! Ansd it looks so beautiful ih your huge yard. Glad you're well prepared and don't have to go out in it.

And I'm glad the tiny bit we got last night in my area has already melted!