Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dodger Dreams

A little less then a week ago, our aging buddy here had surgery. I'm happy to report he's doing well and resting comfortably. He's probably having some mighty sweet dreams while he convalesces. After all, I think we did spoil him a little bit before and after surgery. Just a wee little bit. What? Doesn't everyone cook up some chicken for their pooches and set up extra fluffy warm quilts for them to rest on and shower them with all sorts of junky human treats?

Anyway...I'm betting that his dreams are probably along these lines.....

(cue Born Free music track now)

Don't you see the PURE BLISS on this pooch's face as he enjoys a beautiful spring day?

In fact...my dreams are also along those lines...BUT I'll spare you the pictures!!

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