Monday, February 1, 2010

breakfast for the champions....

We have our own version of a champion breakfast around here. I've been trying to get some healthier foods in K's diet...(all of our diets)....for some time now. A few weeks ago, I hit the jackpot and found a combination that she enjoys. Actually, I enjoy it and "even Mikey likes it"!

One thing I know is that she likes yogurt. Up until a few weeks ago, she insisted that the only yogurt she really likes comes in little containers. We would buy them on sale, but what I really was hoping was that one day I could buy one of the big containers of vanilla and just go from there. Well, that day has come. Now, I feel like I can make something yummy and healthy AND still save a few pennies. Every little bit counts.

We start with a bowl of fresh fruit. Today's blend was strawberries, bananas and clementines. The strawberries were leftover from our little dessert experiment. I can hardly wait for summer fresh fruit!

Next, add some vanilla yogurt. We used Trader Joe's Whole Milk Organic Yogurt. Sometimes, we add a tablespoon of raspberry preserves to add some zip. Then I top it with ground flax seed (yippee, finally found a way to get that in our diets) and some chopped walnuts...for those that like nuts.

K doesn't....but we don't hold that against her!


Kim said...


LOVE the new background, but you MUST share.....pretty please??? I need to step out of the boring and into the fabulous! ;)


Betsy said...

This looks good! And even Will said that he thought they looked yummy (which is HUGE praise from Mr. Picky Man).