Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double Birthday Celebration

This past Sunday we had family dinner, but we also celebrated two birthdays. Son#1 has a 25th birthday coming up on the 21st. His wife, our daughter in law, turned 25 on the 10th. We showered them with gift cards and had them hanging on K's Christmas Tree. They went shopping this evening and ate out using their cards. They love the gift of shopping. :)

Anyway, dinner was French Dip Sandwiches....also called Italian Beef in a Bucket. I know, I know...two different countries, but that is what I have heard it called. It's so easy, peasy and oh, so yummy. You put a roast in your crockpot. Sprinkle the contents of an Italian Seasons Italian Dressing packet on top of your roast. Then sprinkle the contents of a packet of Au Jus mix over the beef. Open a jar of mild banana pepper rings...or you could go for hot. The mild ones were actually pretty spicy this time around. Pour the contents of the jar...juice and peppers...over the beef. Put your lid on, plug the crockpot in and set to high. Cook for 6-7 hours. When you are ready to eat, pull out the roast and shred the beef. This step is pretty quick at this point. Put your meat back in the crockpot with all the juice. Serve the beef on some good crusty french rolls with a slice of provolone. Spoon some of the juice into little bowls for everyone to dip their sandwiches. It's a hit in this house!!

The birthday kids in '06

The birthday kids in '08 (heading to a Halloween party, of course!)

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