Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #12: Let’s Play A Game!

This week I want to invite you to share what different games you use for learning in your homeschool. Outside games, board games, or card games, and what purpose or subject you use them for.

Well, we are a game loving family! Just playing games teaches kids how to take turns, how to win or lose gracefully, encourages counting skills and reading, etc. It's really cool when everyone can have fun and not really know they are learning something. :)

Some of our favorites...

K would say that Zooreeka is her favorite game. We happen to like most of the Cranium games. This is another game that she loves. Can you tell what she likes learning about?

We also have Map Tangle, which is interesting. She hasn't played it with a group and we might change the rules up a bit...but she has worked on finding all the places with her own two feet.

Banana Gram is a good one for those kids that can already spell small words.

A month ago we bought a Wii as an early family Christmas gift. Bowling and Tennis have been the biggest hits, here. Well, that is until my parents surprised us with Wii Fit. If school and chores are done, we certainly don't mind her playing on Wii Fit for a while. It has been fun for all of us. (including the older kids!)

Card games are a big hit around here, but I need to look for some math games to play with K. I used to know a few and played with the boys, but it has been years and I have forgotten them. (that and some domino games) I think I will have to spend some time checking out all the replies to this theme. I'll have my handy dandy notebook right next to me to jot down suggestions.

I think one of my favorite games has to be the one K made a while ago. It's called Family Trivia. The goal of the game is to learn more about our family members. We have to ask questions about ourselves and if the person gets the right answer they get to continue their turn. There are even some cards that have to be drawn if you land on a B and you have to follow what it tells you....and your turn is over. I love that she thought it out and made it happen. It really was fun playing and I am sure we will play again. :)


Dacia's School said...

I like your home made games those are cool and yes homeschoolopoly is fun

They call me Estatez... said...

We love games in our household too. I picked up some good suggestions for games that my grandson can play (he'll be 7 in Feb. and can read really well).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm trying to get projects caught up around here! I'll be posting more pics soon.

Sherry said...

What wonderful games! Dh and I have been seriously considering a Wii for CHRISTmas as a fmaily gift. :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D