Tuesday, September 2, 2008

farewell to summer....

All year I look forward to spring and summer. It comes, I blink, it leaves!! It never fails to take me by surprise. Before I know it, summer ends and fall comes. Well, I actually like fall....just not the fact that it brings winter. Sure I love, love, love snow storms. However, deep down I really don't like snow. So, after a few days I want it to disappear. Fortunately for me, around here that is exactly what happens. Another thing that I do not care for is the biting cold. To me, the only good reason for cold is to bring snow. If we aren't having a snow storm, then I feel it should be at least 60 degrees outside. Just my personal opinion. (we all have them!!)

What clued me into the fact that fall is right around the corner? Looking at my front garden and seeing that it is getting tired. There is still some incredible beauty there....but little signs show me the time has come. Let me share my garden with you.

First sign....Mr Toad is getting all dull. He looks all shiny and fresh in the Spring, thanks to a good cleaning and sometimes some fresh paint.

I love the blossoms on this plant and it is holding in there rather well. However, you can see that some bugs are getting to her leaves.

I love this Hosta and all the swirls on the leaves. Poor leaves are getting tired though.

If you look near the top of this photo, you will find the spent flowers of these hostas. They are just about done, done, done.

Ok, here is the clincher that summer is ending. Lookie here...what do we have? Brown leaves on the ground!! Didn't summer just start?

Another sign....well, I've given up on weeding. Wait, I never weed. hmmm.....

I appreciate these petunias. I really do. They are just holding onto to summer for all it's worth!! Aren't they pretty?

Yep, fall is right around the corner.

This plant has seen better days, but she is hanging in there, too. We have this thing about rocks. We like them. ;)

No one gave this impatien the memo about summer coming to an end. She is making flowers left and right. She will stay strong until one morning in mid - late October. I will see this in the evening and wake up to a mass of what looks like cooked spinach. I will cry.

For now, I will hang on to summer. I will ignore the bug holes, brown leaves, dull toad, and spent flowers. I am NOT ready to let it go.


Eileen said...

Lovely garden, Tammy! I see signs of fall in my garden also.

Anonymous said...

My backyard looks much the same and I feel much the same about summer being gone already! Oh, and I just wanted you to feel loved! ;o)

Mom said...

Nice photos, Tammy. I love seeing your garden in any season!

Mom said...

Oh, I forgot what my name was on this, LOL! CALaura

KathyMS said...

I love how colorful your garden is. It reminds me that I want to get some hostas. We had some in our front yard of our house in PA, and I really loved them. I also really love the impatiens.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden, Tammy!!!! I know what you mean about all the signs of the end of summer..sadly, the lazy days of summer seem to have been lost!!

KathyMS...hey, lady...I have hostas coming out my ears!! Let's meet up at Jeffersonville and I will bring you some!!

Pamela Sue