Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #3

I checked for this week's writing assignment and found this..... "This week please post what your planned home school routine is." Anyone that knows me can just stop laughing right now!! The word, Routine, makes me sweat and then my heart rate increases and my tummy starts flipping. I want to have a routine, I think I really do. However, every fiber in my body starts to rebel when I actually try to follow one. ;o) OK, so I am not really THAT bad...but close. I think I do have routines.....sort of. All of the type A routine oriented people would totally be rolling on the floor by now. But you know what....some people think of me as "organized". So, I bet that deep down I do have a little routine going even if most can't see it. Hmmm....let me think.

I try to get up around 8. (well, that's embarrassing to admit!) We try to start school around 10ish. OK, sometime before noon. We stick with it until it's done. I make a schedule based on when we start, when we last ate and what we have to do for the day. While kid #4 works, I clean my bedroom, bathroom and do laundry. Sometimes I even clean up the kitchen if it needs it. After school we tackle any unfinished chores. (sometimes we do most of them before school)

Co-op will start soon and that is every other Monday morning. Tennis lessons start this Friday and that will be every Friday for 8 weeks. We go to the library once every few weeks.....

OK, I don't have routines. It works for us, though. hehe School gets done, projects get done, we meet with friends esp. when they need us, the bible gets read and studied, the house stays pretty clean and organized, I make dinner most every night, older kids visit regularly, I finish commitments that I make at church and with all happens, but I have no routine. I am a routine wannabee. I am now starting to think God just made me this way and it's all good. :o)

I do have goals for this year. Kid#4 has auditory issues and is delayed in all things language arts, like reading. However, she has been making huge improvements over the past few months. So, I am praying that this year I can be attentive to her needs and we can overcome any obstacles. I want to be consistent with our schooling and work hard, but at the same time allow for the fun and independent growth. So, balance is a key for this year. I also want to encourage her and build up her confidence, as well as work on some issues of shall we say...."attitude". To us, character is a huge part of homeschooling. I am praying that we have one of those school years where we can look back and just say, "Wow, that was really rewarding."


Kerri said...

Thanks for sharing. I always feel that I don't have a routine, but that is because the same things don't happen at the same time every day.

I used to feel different from my friends because my babies didn't have a "schedule." But you know what? They took the same number of naps a day, and from their weight gain, I'm sure they ate as much or more than the other babies.

Have a great week!

Emily23 said...

Finally someone else that doesn't get out of bed until around 8am. I'm right there with you! I'm not a morning person. I would love to get up earlier and spend some quiet time but I just don't do well. I can be awake at 6 or 7am course if I get up then I'm kinda cranky which I don't So I'm there with you and don't have a set in stone routine. I try with that as well. Great read!

April B. said...

Thanks for the kinds words on my blog! :-) More times than not, I feel just like you do. I make a schedule, the oldest likes the schedule but let's see how mommy does with the schedule. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with us. You sound a lot like me!


Kim said...

Sorry! Anonymous is me!

~ Kim

Kaber said...

I used to sleep in- unti the traffic got LOUD and wakes me at 7 AM. I liked sleeping til 8:30 or 9 much better.

My kids all have some auditory 'disorders'-

My routine is more of a 'school is over at 3- because I need a life outside of supervising school and want to clan the kitchen and work on dinner without answering school questions'

I hate things like Co-Ops- telling when to do things all the time..LOL

I am Marcia. said...

Tammy, I love your schedule!!! Sounds good to me. Have a wonderful week!


Sadie said...

I rebel against routine too....I think we've found a medium with covering the basics of meals and bedtimes and letting most of everything else just fall into place. I tried and tried to do an hourly schedule and failed miserably!