Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soups on...

We have a tradition, esp. during the winter months of getting together for family dinners on Sunday. It happens to be a day where everyone is off and usually not running around. This year I decided to try something a little different. Grocery prices are rising around here and I am struggling to stretch the budget as it is. So, I thought that I would like to make homemade soups on Sundays. The plan is to make two different pots of soup each week. One will be vegetarian and one will have meat. I will also experiment with different homemade breads (shiver) and try different salads. I figure any leftovers will be eaten up during the week and the price shouldn't be too bad for those types of foods.

So, now I am working on collecting some yummy sounding soup recipes, because I would really like to mix it up. I don't want to have the same soup every week. If anyone has a favorite soup, I would LOVE to have the recipe or link to the recipe. (just put it in the comments section) I have a recipe from Pioneer Woman to try. I also have potato soup recipe from a friend and a yummy one on the bag of some small black lentils that I bought. As soon as the weather turns cool....hopefully in a few weeks, I want to pull out my trusty soup pots. I'll be sure to share recipes and our thoughts on Mondays.

As for the bread making....well, that just scares me!!!


Smoochiefrog said...

I have a Potato Soup recipe that is to die for. You can find it here. I've shared it a bazillion times on WC, but I never get tired of it. :)

Emily23 said...

I've shared my creamy, cheesy potato soup recipe on the CC board b4 I think. Course I don't have a link to it right I'll have to type it up sometime and share.