Friday, September 19, 2008

reading challenge

Fall is fast approaching and with the cooler weather and grey skies, what better way to spend the day then curled up on the sofa reading a good book? Ok, maybe that's just fantasy for some. I never get to spend a day reading...but, I do love reading. Callapidder Days is having her 3rd annual Fall Into Reading Challenge. It begins on Sept. 22nd and ends December 20th. All you need to do is put together your list of books that you hope to read during the fall. Don't worry, it really is a no pressure deal. You post your list on your blog and link it back to her site. Then at the end you post a followup talking about the books you managed to read. There is even a prize to one random blogger and a weekly drawing for a free book. Make sure you read all about it here. I'm going to work on my list!! :)


Emily said...

Can't wait to see your list. I know you mentioned not to forget to post the link on the 22nd on her blog, my luck I Hopefully I don't forget! I'm hoping this will really get me back into reading. I normally go in streaks and sometimes I just really want to read.

Angela said...

I can't wait to see your list! Thanks for visting, I love getting visitors!


Kim said...

I just read one of my reg. blogs this morning...catching up...and made a note for a book I look forward to reading. Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee recommends this one.

I'm going to make a list of my own! Thanks Tammy!!