Tuesday, September 2, 2008

school project day...

Well, last week was family time and field trips. Daddy was home most of the week and we kept busy. So, today was back to the real world and kid #4 and I were not ready. I had several full hampers of dirty laundry to tend, dishes to wash, furniture to dust, etc. So, we made it project and chore day.

We had a few school projects to finish up and I decided today was the day. We did some chores and I had her read for a while. Then I sat down and we read some more. Then she worked on a coloring project she started the other day and watched the Food Network. She has been interested in cooking, so I let her listen to a few shows while she colored.

Then, it was time for the celery project. She removed the xylem from a stalk of celery and stuck it in colored water. Then another stalk with it's xylem intact went in a cup of colored water. Within an hour we could see some red in the leaves of the stalk with it's xylem. She thought that was cool.

Picture below is today's update on the great celery project. What a great demonstration.

Next up, we baked two layers of a cake to make maps of the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. This was a project from our History curriculum. We are using My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures. We used an idea from a fellow homeschooling blogging mom and we outlined the continents with chocolate chips. It is, of course, not exact. However, she had fun making it and eating it. We are saving the Eastern Hemisphere to share with grandparents tomorrow. I think they will be impressed. :)

Here she is filling in the continents.

Next came outlining with mini chocolate chips. It was two on the cake and two in the mouth at this point. ;o)

The finished product!

The proud baker and decorator. I must say, I love our school curriculum!


Kim said...

These are SO great!! Makes me want cake. teehee.... And the outlines of the countries are really really good! WAY TO GO!!

Daddy's Chick's said...

Thanks for sharing your day . . the world looks yummy!

Mom said...

I love the fact that she did Antarctica with white icing! CA Laura

I am Marcia. said...

WOW! Great experiment with the celery.

And I really, really, really liked the eastern and western hemispheres! Great job!!! Looks very yummy. Which continent do you eat first? LOL!


LindaI said...

that is a great experiment and yummy looking map!

LindaI from womens-place

Anonymous said...

From Dawn:

Great job on the continents!

Anonymous said...

This is such a COOL project...well, both of them are!! You girls have really fun homeschool adventures!!

Pamela Sue

Anonymous said...

What a great project!!

Emily23 said...

This is awesome!!! Caleb would love that. Makes me wish I DID go with that curriculum.....lol.

Smoochiefrog said...

Tammy that is just too cool! She did such a good job! I wish Mir were older so we could do such a fun project!