Saturday, September 6, 2008

a wet day...

We had a little visit from Tropical Storm Hanna. She really wasn't that bad, but she sure left us wet!! I was praying that we wouldn't lose electricity, which is something that seems to happen at a drop of a hat around here. Twice the power did flicker and reset everything in the house, but the power stayed on! Woohoo!!

So, what did we do on a wet, sauna type day. We went shopping, of course! ;o) Mike needed some clothes and Kohl's is having a big Men's clothing sale. He is well stocked right now. Next up will be....ME!

The rest of the day was just being lazy around the house. I am posting some pictures of our yard during the storm for all of you that are in the dry areas forgetting what rain looks like. (our grass is going to grow an inch in the next 24 hours from all that rain) You can click any of the pictures to make them larger. Personally, this is NOT my favorite weather. It is a favorite of my dear husband, though. Silly guy!! ;o)

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StephF said...

Glad you didn't lose power. We are watching Hurricane Ike down here and hoping he doesn't come our way.